Classes & Curriculum


At Holy Rosary and St Anne’s we want to ignite children’s imagination and their active, willing and enthusiastic engagement in their learning.

Our aim is to: ensure that every child succeeds; build on what they already know; make learning vivid and real; make learning an enjoyable and memorable experience; enrich the learning experience as well as promote ‘Pupil Voice’ and ‘Assessment for Learning’.

Our curriculum should enable children to encounter and begin to explore the wealth of human experience through induction into, and active engagement in, the different ways through which humans make sense of their world: intellectual, moral, spiritual, aesthetic, social, emotional and physical, through language, mathematics, science, the humanities, the arts, religion and other ways of knowing and understanding and act upon it.

Creative Thinking and curiosity is at the heart of the Holy Rosary and St Anne’s approach to learning. We aspire for the children to explore, negotiate, discover, experiment, speculate, empathise, reflect, collaborate, cooperate, persevere, show initiative, and demonstrate leadership, teamwork, curiosity, flexibility, integrity and curiosity.

What we Offer...

Our curriculum aims to serve:

The Individual: by ensuring well-being, engagement, empowerment and autonomy.


Children’s Learning:

  • through exploration, knowing, understanding and making sense
  • through fostering skill
  • through exciting imagination
  • through enacting dialogue

The Wider World:

  • by encouraging respect and understanding
  • by promoting interdependence and sustainability
  • by empowering local, national and global citizenship
  • by celebrating culture and community

Holy Rosary and St Anne’s Catholic Primary aspires to develop children who demonstrate courtesy and good manners and have respect for themselves, their peers, adults and other generations as well as respect for difference, language and the environment both globally and locally.


To achieve our vision and aims Holy Rosary works in collaboration with parents/carers, the parish and the wider community, building on children’s learning outside school, promoting high quality professional development, having high expectations of children and adults, fostering appropriate pupil-pupil and pupil-teacher relationships, using new technologies, basing decisions on recognised research and pedagogy, developing creativity, developing skills for the teaching of English as an Additional Language and promoting outstanding leadership and governance.


Curriculum Overview

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Religious Education