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May-The Month of Mary


May is a very special month for the Church as we remember Mary, the Mother of Jesus and Mother of us all. 

A full month is given over to Mary and during this month we are asked to think about Mary, say special prayers to her, have May altars, and sing hymns to Mary to tell her how much we love her and to ask her to help us stay close to her son Jesus and to try to live as Jesus shows us. 


In school, we have a Traveling Rosary which each class will use during May. Children will also take it in turns to bring home a Traveling Rosary prayer bag. The purpose of the bags are for the children to pray the Rosary at home together as a family. 

In EYFS, children will learn about Mary and the Rosary. Key Stage 1 will pray a Hail Mary every day in May and each class in Key Stage 2 will say a decade of the Rosary. 


Some ideas you can try at home include:

  • Learn about the rosary and the different mysteries
  • Pray the Rosary Daily as a family
  • Take part in a Mass or prayer service
  • Write your own prayer devotions
  • Make pictures, paintings or collages of your class devotion to Mary
  • Research other devotions to Mary
  • Sing hymns to Our Lady (Marian hymns)
  • Make your own altar to our lady at home
  • Grow some flowers or make flowers using crafts


Rosary Resources, Crafts and Activities for Children


Hymns to Our Lady

Why not use the videos below to sing hymns about Mary during the month of May.

Mary of Gladness - One Life Music


Ave Maria Gratia Plena - Hymn With Lyrics


Immaculate Mary - Hymn With Lyrics


Holy Virgin by God's Decree - Hymn With Lyrics


I'll Sing A Hymn To Mary - Hymn With Lyrics


Daily Daily Sing to Mary - Hymn With Words


One Life Music - Hail Mary



If you do complete any of the activities above, please email a picture of your work to: 



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