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School Meals


Please find enclosed the School Meal Menu's:

Are you Eligible for Free School Meals?
Children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 are all funded to receive free school meals, we therefore encourage all children in those year groups to take a school meal-we have lots of options available and saves the families time and money making those packed lunches!
Parents who make a new claim for universal credit can apply for free school meals by completing the online form on the LCC website: https://www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/council-tax-and-benefits/free-school-meals
In addition to free school meals, the Council will also assess entitlement for council tax support (help with council tax) on a successful universal credit award. Parents can also request further support with food by contacting the Council’s Local Welfare Support scheme telephone 0113 376 0330.
We are here to help you & can make a claim on your behalf-call us or pop into the office for any support or advice-0113 8246300

School meals are £2.55 per pupil per day=£12.75 per week

Payments can be paid on-line through School Money. Please contact the office for your unique PIN number.

Free meals to all pupils in Reception, Year 1, & Year 2

Please advise the office if your child changes their meal option to sandwiches or if you need any advice on how to claim for free school meals.


If your child has any allergies or medical dietary needs-please contact the school for a form to complete-we will work with you and Catering Leeds to devise a special menu to suit your child’s needs.

Please note this is not required for any Religious or Food choices eg. Vegetarian, Halal or No Pork options-we will provide your child with an option on the current School Menu

1-Special Dietary Needs-we will require a medical note

2-Complete the enclosed form to return to school

Special Dietary Needs Request Form

Parents Guidance 

Catering Leeds Headteacher Guidance on Special Diets - Nov 22.docx

Appendices 1-5 to accompany Headteacher guidance on Special Diets - Nov 22.docx

3-Once confirmed your child will be provided with a lanyard to wear during meal times to ensure all staff are aware of any allergies

4-Please ensure you provide the school with an updated Epipen plan if applicable

Information regarding Free School Meals

Parents charged council tax

Parents who are charged council tax at their address who wish to claim FSM should make a claim using the online standard application form online form.

This is so that both their council tax support and FSM application can be processed at the same time. Also claiming council tax support allows us access to the same systems we used when checking for Housing Benefit claims, resulting in speedier decisions on their application for FSM.

Parents not charged council tax

Those parents who are not charged council tax and are only claiming for FSM (for example parents who are not the lead tenant at the address or parents who live outside of Leeds but whose children attend a Leeds school) should send the FSM only application form, a copy of which is attached.

Parents can hand their FSM claim forms into any One Stop Centre or send them to the following address:

Welfare & Benefits (FSM Claims)

Leeds City Council
Selectapost 15



Healthy Eating at Home

Follow the enclosed resources that supported the Food for Life booklets sent home:



 School Milk

Dear Parent/Carer

School Milk Is Available For ALL Children

If your child is currently under 5, we’re delighted to confirm that we have arranged for them to receive free milk at school, funded by the UK Government’s Nursery Milk Scheme.

When your child turns 5 or if they are already over 5, you have the option to pay for their milk. We have made arrangements with the UK’s leading school milk supplier, Fresh Pastures, to supply milk at a subsidised cost of just 0.20 per day.

What you need to do:

 Visit www.freshpastures.com as soon as possible and select “Register your child for milk here”, then follow the on-screen instructions to register and pay

  • OR
  • Ask the school office for a registration form – send your completed form to Fresh pastures, and they will send you a payment request.
  • If your child is over 5 and entitled to benefit-based free school meals, school shall be funding their milk

A portion of fresh, chilled milk at mid-morning break provides protein, calcium and other vital nutrients, important for your child’s growth and development. It’s also a great way to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch, re-hydrating your child and helping them to concentrate in class.


Kind regards

The Head Teacher