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Holy Rosary And St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Excellence & Enjoyment Together in God's Love

School Uniform


Our Mission Statement:

‘Excellence and Enjoyment Together in God’s Love’

It is our policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school or when participating in a school-organised event.

School uniform

  • promotes a sense of pride
  • identifies the children as members of our school community
  • creates a feeling of belonging
  • is practical and smart, designed with health and safety in mind
  • good value for money

The role of parents/carers

We ask all parents/carers to support the school uniform policy. We believe that parents/carers have a duty to send their child/ren in the correct uniform and ready for their learning.

Please ensure all items of your child’s school uniform is labelled. Check regularly as the name can becomes faded over time with washing.

All lost property with no name is placed in the lost property box.  Please ask your child to check the lost property box if they cannot find an item of their uniform.


Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress

Pale blue polo shirt

Blue jumper or cardigan with logo*

Plain black footwear (no fashion


Black indoor pumps

Black/grey tights or

Black/grey/white socks


Grey shorts or trousers

Pale blue and white gingham dress

Blue jumper or cardigan with logo*

Plain black footwear – no fashion trainers

Black indoor pumps

Black/grey tights or black/grey/white socks

Physical Education

Blue PE top*

Blue PE shorts*

Trainers or pumps


Where to buy school uniform

Blue cardigans/jumpers with logo* are available to purchase at the school office.

Blue PE t-shirts and shorts* are available to purchase at the school office.

Black pumps are available from the school office.

All other items can be found in local supermarkets and main retail outlets at reasonable prices.

Mobile Phones: Children’s are not allowed mobile phones in school

Jewellery: On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear

jewellery in school. The exceptions to this rule are ear studs in pierced ears.

We ask the children either to remove the ear studs during PE and games or

to cover them with a plaster.

False nails:  Children are not allowed to wear false nails.

Make-up:  Children are not allowed to wear make up.


We love our children as they are; their beautiful and natural selves!